Naomi Mitchell Carrier, teacher, researcher, playwright, pianist, composer, and actress is a consummate artist who has worked for thirty years as a classroom teacher and performer to bring a fresh perspective to Texas History.


Think of Go Down, Old Hannah as a bridge, a bridge for cross-cultural communication, a bridge from the past to future communication and understanding.  It shows the interdependence of Texas pioneers and their enslaved; and the intelligence and dignity of those denied the freedom of humanity.

Educators are racing to sort through reform initiatives for solutions to cross-cultural communication, multicultural education, and diversity management, better still, solutions to race and racism. For African Americans it always goes back to “What shall we do about that ugly history of slavery?” that makes blacks feel angry and sad and causes whites to exhibit shame and guilt. Overcoming slavery, however, is a victory for black people and for the USA that should be continually embraced, confronted, and fulfilled.  This past experience is a victory that paves the way for the future.


Go Down, Old Hannah zooms in on black history with a wide angle on Texas History and a telephoto on African Americans.  The 15 living history plays Naomi Mitchell Carrier has written for historic sites and museums around the state examine Texas slavery through different lenses.

The plays subject matter covers slave celebrations, family breakups, and escapes, to the Civil War, emancipation, and Reconstruction. Each play is research based and performed by Talking Back Living History Theatre as a festival production; for students at universities and schools; for conferences and family reunions; or at libraries and museums. Talking Back Living History Theatre is approved for funding by Texas Commission for the Arts. See the TCA website for suggested fees and services. For a detailed synopsis of each play visit the Talking Back Living History Theatre page:  This website also contains a “Performance History” page. 

THE APPENDIX OF LESSON PLANS is compatible with the TEKS content standards for Social Studies and is integrated across grade levels, ages and subjects, including social studies, literature, theatre and performing arts.